Throw the Perfect Baby Shower With the Perfect Party Favors

Author: Sandra Canfield

Having a baby is a significant and often life changing event so it's defiantly worth celebrating! What better excuse do you need than a new arrival to round up your closest friends and family to celebrate bringing your new born into this world?

A baby shower represents a party in which the expectant parents receive gifts for their newborn baby such as baby clothes. The original intension of a baby shower was to help parents gain items they need for their baby; this is still true to a certain extent but they are also an excuse to get everyone together for a celebration. Baby showers have always been popular in the US but they are now becoming more common in the UK and around Europe.

Thinking about the traditional sense of a baby shower again it is held only for the mother-to-be, and only women attend. However, in recent times, men are also starting to participate in a couples baby showers. The person who normally organizes the baby shower isn't the expectant mother, it is normally a close friend or relative and the baby shower can be held at any location but normally it takes place at someone’s house.

If you are planning on throwing a baby shower for an expectant mother then the best time to do it is during the last trimester of the pregnancy. It is then up to you whether you keep it a surprise from the mom-to-be or you tell her what you are planning so that she has something to look forward to in the last few weeks.

One consideration that you may want to keep in mind when you are planning a baby shower is if you want the shower to have a theme. Typically baby showers generally do have a theme and this theme is generally a baby theme in order to get everyone in the mood for the new arrival. Some popular themes include the following:
  • Pink or Blue theme – this only really works if you know the sex of the baby. If you are expecting a girl then the theme of your baby shower should reflect this through the use of pink, fairytale decorations. If you are expecting a boy then blue should be the dominant color.
  • Nursery rhymes – place toys that relate to certain nursery rhymes around the room and get your guests to name as many nursery rhymes as they can.
Whatever theme you do decide on you can use this as a basis for the type of baby shower favors you will have to thank your guests for coming. Some examples of the baby shower favors that would work well for a baby shower are as follows; 

  • personalized baby shower mint tines, 
  • muffin mix favors, 
  • personalized sugar cookie mix favors, 
  • bun in the oven mix, 
  • bun in the oven candles, 
  • baby bottle candles, 
  • crystal baby strollers, 
  • chocolate lollipops, 
  • personalized baby photo frames 
  • baby chick salt and pepper shakers.

The above are just a few examples of the type of baby shower favors that are available. Just remember your guests took the time to look for the perfect baby shower present so you should take the time to say thank you properly through the perfect baby shower favor.

Baby shower favors allow your guests to remember the night always and if your baby shower party favors are personalized then your guests will keep the importance of the day with them always.

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