Make Unique Baby Shower Favors from Common Store Items

You are having a baby and you want to formally announce it with your closest friends and relatives. Then it's time to party. Let's have a baby shower!

Making preparations for a baby shower can also be frustrating. There are lots of things that need to be planned and set properly like the venue, foods, and of course, baby shower favors. Baby showers are not one-way gift giving. Your guests (close friends and relatives) also deserve to have something that they'll surely cherish. But there is one simple requirement when it comes to giving favors - creativity.

Do-it-yourself shower favors are great for creating a unique favor. All you need are simple raw materials, a little creativity and some time and you are all set. Baby shower favors don't need to be expensive. The cost should be considered first-hand for you will be giving not just one, not two, but a lot of these favors. In fact, you can find everything you need at your local department or grocery store.

In grocery stores, you can find a lot of goodies that can be easily transformed into something amazing. Listed below are just a few of the many examples that everyone can try:

Chocolate Filled Feeding Bottles
You can buy a few sets of small feeding bottles from department stores and then fill each bottle with Hershey's kisses or nibble sized chocolates like M&Ms.

Soap Favors
One practical baby shower favor idea is the use of soaps. Surely everyone will like these since all of us use soaps. Soaps are common and consistent products inside grocery stores. You can buy some depending on the number of the invited guests and then craft them with baby themed shapes like ducks, teddy bears, feeding bottles, and more.

Socks and Mints
These are baby socks filled with mint candies. Color of the socks can vary depending on the gender of the upcoming baby.

Candle Filled Tea Cups
Provided that you know how to make candles at home, these baby shower favors will just be a piece of cake. If not, you can just buy small tablet candles that can fit inside the cups.

Mirror Miniatures or Picture Frames
If your baby shower is planned after your baby is born, you take a picture of him/her and place one in each of the picture frames.

Cookies Wrapped with Baby Themed Transparent Cellophanes
Cookies are appropriate baby favors for they can be easily packed and of course delicious. Most if not all of your guests will like the idea.

Time should be properly considered when it comes to planning your baby shower. This will give you more time allowance to decide and prepare for your baby shower favors. You can also ask one or two of your closest friends or relatives for some assistance to get things done.

About the Author
Jamie Highland is a writer who enjoys events like weddings and baby showers. For more unique baby shower favors and ideas, including baby shower coffee, visit My Baby Shower Favors.