The Fun and Excitement of Cupcake Themed Parties

by John  McAdams

For first birthdays, cupcake themed parties are usually the primary choice. But this does not mean that other age levels can't have the same themed parties; cupcake theme is suitable for any age group. Parties require invitations, right? You can design the said invitations such that it looks like a cupcake. You can also prepare cupcake party games. And serve at your party delicious cupcakes for your guests to enjoy.

Try to be more creative and have in your party a piata shaped like a cupcake with lots of sweet goodies inside. It is easy to make but takes time to dry, giving it a week at least. So making the piata a week before it is actually needed is advised. Design it the way you want to look like, it is up to your creativity.

"Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake" is a very popular game the children love. Make use of fabric version or the home-made one that children are able to help in decorating. Home-made version is produced by drawing a big cupcake on a large piece of paper and decorating it with different colors and sparkles if you like. Children will enjoy preparing this as much as playing the game itself.

Keeping the kids occupied is easy. Have them decorate cupcakes with various designs using sequins, sparkles, and edible toppings. And as soon the kids finish decorating the plain cupcakes, they can either bring it home or enjoy the delightfulness right there and then.

But, there are times that some people wouldn't want to make the cupcakes as part of the party games. So you can prepare cookies that are shaped like cupcakes. The kids can decorate these instead. There are some kids that enjoy painting cupcake plaster shapes. You can find cupcake shaped moulds in various markets. Shape it into cupcakes before the actual event. Prepare sets of sequins, glitters, and beads. But be extra cautious with these.

If painting artificial cupcakes is messy, you can have a drawn cupcake and supply enough copies for the kids to color and doodle on it with the use of different coloring pencils and texts.

Using fabrics for tablecloth and little party favour bags is a good idea. There are cupcake shaped goodies available for guests to have fun with. One way to make your cupcakes more enticing to your guests at a party is to put them in a fantastic cup cake stand.