How to make a Sock Cupcake

Video tutorial showing how to make a sock cupcake:

Step by Step Instructions to make Sock Cupcakes:

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  • Turn the socks wrong side out. Cuff one of the socks. Roll the top of the sock down one time to the ankle of the sock.
  • Push the foot of the sock into the bottom of the cuffed part of the sock. Roll the sock slightly to form a small depression in the top of the sock.
  • Roll the second sock into a horizontal roll from the toe to the top of the sock. Roll the edges slightly off center to create a pointed top edge on the sock.
  • Stuff the rolled sock into the first sock. Adjust the placement of the sock layers to make the rolled sock look like whipped icing on the top of the cupcake. You may have to push the sock into place with your hands if it is too high.
  • Place the sock cupcake inside a cupcake paper. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the bottom of the cupcake and tie into a two-inch bow. Tie the bow around the cupcake paper and the bottom of the sock to secure the paper to the sock cupcake.
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