Baby Shower Cakes

Spruce Up Your Baby Shower with the Perfect Baby Shower Cake

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your baby shower—try getting a creative cake.  Creative baby shower cakes are always a pleasant sight to see and will definitely leave the mother-to-be and her guest smiling. A baby shower cake can fall into two categories: a cake that you eat and diaper cake which acts as a centerpiece or a gift for the new mommy.  In either case they are a lovely sight to see.

Choosing the Perfect Edible Cake for a Baby Shower

When you are out looking for that perfect baby shower cake, take in consideration the theme of the baby shower. If you are having a shower around the rubber ducky theme, it would be great to get a rubber ducky cake, or you can have a baby carriage cake and get it either pink, blue or yellow depending on the sex of the baby. If you already know the baby’s name then you can also have a cake with the baby name on it! However, there are some cakes that can go with any theme. You have the block cake and this particular cake goes with any baby shower theme as long as the cake colors correlate with the baby shower. But remember, having cakes customized can get a bit pricey, so you can go with a nice simple one-layer cake and place a baby rattle on top! We cannot forget about cupcakes! Cupcake towers are also popular for baby showers and can easily take the place of a cake. The cupcakes are fun, adorable and dainty; you can also put a topper on the cupcake tower that fits right into your theme!  The most important thing when picking out that perfect sweet treat for a baby shower is to get creative; your guest and the mother-to-be will be thrilled!

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