Baby Shower Etiquette - Mind Your Manners

Author: Sarah Porter

Baby Shower Etiquette - Mind Your Manners
When it comes to baby shower etiquette, these days just about anything goes. However, there are still a few basic rules that should never be ignored. Although the baby shower party themselves may be unconventional, the rules of etiquette still dictate just about everything - from who receives Baby Shower Invitations to who picks up the tab for the event.

Who Can be Invited
Almost anyone can be invited to a baby shower, but the host should consult with the guest of honor - or at least someone close to her - to avoid embarrassment when sending out the invitations.

Even though Emily Post, the original Miss Manners, had her own set of etiquette rules for who should host the shower, modern showers can be thrown by just about anyone - from the mother of the mom-to-be to the expectant mom's coworkers. The mother-to-be herself can also host the gathering, though this is frowned upon. Tradition, however, dictates that a non-relative of the mom-to-be host the shower.

It is acceptable to include on the invitations where the mom-to-be is registered. Even so, if the mother is hosting the party for herself, this might be considered tacky. Depending on how traditional the host is, registry information may be left off of the baby shower invitation and can be given when guests call to RSVP.

Who Can Host the Baby Shower 
No matter who hosts the event, it's good manners - and good sense - to send the custom shower invitations out promptly enough to give the guests several weeks' notice. Guests may need enough time upon receiving those unique baby shower invitations to make travel arrangements or pick out the perfect gift.

Proper etiquette states that the shower should be held a few weeks or a month away from the due date. The host of the shower should take care to familiarize herself or himself with the cultural background of the expectant mom. Some families believe it is bad luck to hold a shower before the baby is born and the host is better off knowing beforehand to avoid offending anyone.

Who Pays for the Baby Showers
Determining who pays for the party can make even the savviest hostess sweat. The host of the gathering typically picks up the tab. The host is responsible, which makes having more than one host appealing to some. Bigger showers are typically reserved for first time moms, so etiquette dictates that sprinkles, second time showers, be smaller in scale. Shower Invitations should be limited to a small group of the mom-to-be's closest friends and family members.

Regardless of how traditional or non-traditional the shower is, some etiquette rules should not be ignored. Baby Thank You Cards should be sent to everyone who attended the shower. The host should provide the addresses of the people included on the invitation list to the guest of honor. Hosts should also keep track of the gifts given so that the thank you notes can be personalized and heartfelt.

By following a few simple rules, from baby shower invitation etiquette to thank you note etiquette, a shower can be a classy and fun event.
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