8 Great Ideas for those Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Unique Homemade baby shower gifts are always a treat!

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Always a great idea is a personalized baby gift. That personal touch makes it a distinct and special gift that grows into a cherished token over the years. A gift at a baby shower is usually before the baby arrives, making it difficult to know the name or date of birth. An option in these cases would be to give a gift certificate for an engraving or etching to make it personal, after the baby is born. The proud parents would than be able to take and personalize your gift for their new arrival.

Some great items that make good personalized gifts are baby cups/bottles, picture frames, bibs, and any kind of cute little baby apparel. The number one item that is personalized though is, baby blanket. These are generally given after the name is known so that it can be embroidered on the blanket.

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You can find fabulous baby shower gifts at Amazon.com.  Many of these are already made up for you, which is great if you are short of time or don't feel that you capable of creating a beautiful gift.  All the gifts listed on Amazon already have the personal touch, are beautiful and suitable for all baby shower celebrations.  There is a large number of items to choose from, so take your time and choose carefully.
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