Homemade Baby Shower Decorations - 4 Blissful Tips

Author: Tim Lee

There are lots of things to consider when looking for homemade baby shower decorations. However, it is best if you focus more on creating an ambiance of fun, joy, and love. After all, that is what baby shower parties are all about, right?

To know more about selecting the right homemade baby shower decorations that will fit your needs, here are some tips to consider:

1. Theme

Before coming up with homemade baby shower decorations, it is best that you conceptualize a theme first. Try to select a theme that match the baby's environment, hence, it should be pleasing to the eye, pastel colors must be subdued, and the whole ambiance tranquil.  If you happen to know the gender of the baby, you can also try partnering the theme with it. For instance, if it is a girl, you can use girly stuffs that are homemade.

 2. Hanging fun

For hanging decorations, you can start using those unused strings. Get some buttons, clips, or anything that the baby uses. Tie them all in the string until you were able to make a hanging decor. This homemade baby shower decoration is practical, economical, and definitely a work of art.

 3. Crochet

You can use your skill in making crochet by creating table napkins that are hand-woven. You can even stitch your baby's name on it. You can also try crocheting the table mantle, decorate it with flowers, or stitch in some baby's items on it.

 4. Gifts' area

If you do not have any particular place to place your baby's gifts, you can try using baby's tub and fill them with blue and white balloons. These will appear as bubbles and your guests will easily place their gifts on it.
You can also have the crib as the gift's area. Fill them with confetti and some baby's items such as diapers.


Creating and using homemade baby shower decorations should be focused on a fun environment. After all, it is a celebration - your baby's birth.

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