Unique Personalized Baby Gifts Ideas for the Newborn

Author: Stuart Sherm

Winnie the Pooh New Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Baby Blooms 0-6 Months Rosebud Socks, LimeThe arrival of a newborn is a joyous event something we all like to mark with a gift as a token of our love. The event is celebrated with parties and baby showers. These are the occasions for presenting hand crafted gifts that stand out among all other presentations. All that one requires are ideas to feed a creative mind so as to produce many kinds of gifts for baby personalized and tailor made for the special baby.

The most important point to bear in mind is that these customized gifts are both useful as well as pleasing to the eye. For instance a swaddling blanket is something very useful. The baby bedding set could be given a dash of patterns and figures to make it something unique. A special theme of baby born clothes could be a great idea as a gift.

Baby gifts need not be expensive they can be practical, useful and yet be pretty. For instance a hand made album for keeping photographs would be a lasting gift. It could be made with colorful fabric. For those hunting for a shop selling unusual baby gifts the right place to knock on would be Sprogbox.

For those looking ahead, a perfect gift would be a customized DVD collection replete with the best in animation and fairy tale series. Activity charts and a cocktail collage of family pictures and carton splashed with brightness would also make ideal presentations for the baby.

A fantastic floral gift would be a distinctive bouquet for baby with a selected generous assortment of flowers to add fragrance to the occasion. A compilation of the best of lullabies and bed time songs would make a welcome gift for parents coaxing the little one to sleep.

A carved baby chair exclusively for the little one would be a gift to be cherished. It could be a deluxe one to match a crib if the person making the gift is prepared to splurge. The gift could be completed with an entire set of matching clothes with shoes and socks.

Last but not least on the list would be a baby gift basket a nice big one containing lotions, creams, coverlets, toys like teddy bears, yummy chocolates, CDs, albums, hand made scrap book and many more stuff. The basket could be lined and trimmed with lace. It is well to remember that more creative the gift is the more will it last through time and memory with thanks.

Personalizing any of these gift options just adds that much more luster to the final choice. It creates a unique aspect to any gift because the recipient knows it was chosen specifically for them. It stands the test of time and is sure to make the best impression. Thats why I try to customize every gift I give and you should as well. If all else fails try to get your hands on some images of the child and use those to create something extra cool online. There are many options for this I'll tackle in another article soon.

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