Suggestions For Baby Showers

Baby Shower Theme Party Picks (72 pc)by Owen Jones

Baby showers are well-liked events, particularly in America. A baby shower is usually given or hosted by a friend of the expectant mother, mostly before the birth but occasionally after it as well. The point of the baby shower is to collect presents for the child and its parents, which is why family of the mother find it awkward to organize the baby shower themselves - it seems too much like begging.

If you can get a friend to arrange a baby shower for you or if someone offers to do it, the invitations should be sent out a month or two before the birth day, so that the mother is not in too much discomfort and is not likely to drop the baby during the party.

It is good to have handmade baby shower invitations. There are two ways that you can do this: either design the invitation card yourself and have it printed out or select a template at the printers. Both ideas give satisfactory results. 
If you have the invitations printed to a standard size, you can purchase cheap envelopes at a budget stationery office, but if you go for some weird size, ask the printer to provide the envelopes too.

Standard details like the date, the time, the venue, your name and the baby's name can all be printed but you will have to write or type the recipient's name in personally. Add your phone number too so that people can ask questions if they have any. If you would like the party (and the presents) to have a theme, you should say that on the invitation. Perhaps the card could be in the same theme too.

In fact, if you want to go down that route, you could download a fitting image off the Internet, say, a scene from Peter Rabbit, and give that to the printer so that they can print that onto your card.

People are very busy nowadays, so make sure you give your friends at least a month to book you in and get a suitable gift for the shower. If you would like to be pretty sure how many guests are coming, enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard in with the invitation, so that they can let you know easily.

If you are looking for baby shower games to do during the party, you could get people to suggest names for your baby and guess the sex or weight of it as well. You could use a cross on a chain as a pendant to see if it the movement predicts a boy or girl and how many individuals get the same movement. You could also discuss themes for the child's nursery after it is born, one for if it is a boy and one for if it is a boy.

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