Great Ideas if you're Planning to Have a Baby Shower

by Cassia Ann Jordan

Now that you or your best friend has given birth, it's time to celebrate and make a baby shower. A baby shower is a common custom in many countries and societies. In India, it is a very traditional practice, but it is also observed in China and has become commonplace in South America, the United States, and Europe.

When to Organize Most baby showers happen before the baby is born. Most often a baby shower is for a welcome entertainment toward the end of pregnancy. Usually you can set this around 8 months because it just doesn't seem real if the expectant mom isn't sporting a big belly. When setting the date for the baby shower, consult with the parents-to-be first so you know if the schedule is just right. You may also need to think about the schedules of grandparents, moms and other guests who have work. One planning nightmares is send out invitations only to find out that the most important people can't make it.

Now if she is your sister, you can probably do it on your own so that your mom and dad will feel more comfortable and you can only invite family members. If she is your best friend, more probably it'll only involve you and your friends and you will have them as your helpers in planning this joyous event. If she's your mother, well you can ask your older sisters or aunt to help in the planning. Lastly, if you'd be so sweet and do this for your girlfriend and wife, then you can ask for help on some of her family members and most probably you'll need a lot of it.

Of course, another important feature is the layout of the room and the baby shower table arrangement. Food is usually served at this event, and you want to make sure that the room looks good with a relevant, proper table setting. Keeping with the baby theme, you will probably put a related centerpiece on the table. There are various ideas you could follow, such as a Diaper Cake, a basket of baby items, including bottles, pacifiers, and bibs, or a decoration made with typical "birth colors," such as peach ribbons, pink silk flowers, or pale blue ribbons (depending on the gender of the child).

The actual food that you serve can also be in keeping with this theme. If you and your guests have a sense of humor, you could puree up bananas and apples and put a variety of baby foods on the table. You could even, just for a joke, turn this into a game - guess the baby food. If you are talented at icing cakes, you could make a gateau with a baby or a cradle made from frosting on the top.

The Program It's also important for you to know the itinerary of the program, make sure that everything has already been prepared and checked. Usually the games and gift giving come last after the food. Along with the program, food, beverages, game materials, prized and gifts are all separated and organized. As you have your baby shower table arrangement, it's also advisable to keep everything in place.

Making a baby shower is a fun part of life. You may only make them a few times in your life, and you are sure to enjoy them. Take plenty of pictures as this party is one that you will always want to remember as your child grows up.

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