Planning Timeline for your Baby Shower

by Edie Mindell

Baby Shower Planner ChecklistPlanning and organization are also pre-requites of simple events like a baby shower. Baby showers are intended to celebrate the giving birth of a mother. In baby shower planning, the tasks and responsibilities of the planner or organizer primarily include having a step-by-step planning and preparation for the needed things, staying in-control during the event, and ensuring the satisfaction as well as the safety of the mom-to-be.

The first thing that a planner must do is to interview the couple client about their budget and preferences for the party such as the theme, venue and date. For the theme, the planner may also suggest and show sample pictures of the previous baby showers planned and held but the client's decision must be respected. With regards to venue, the basis should be on the number of expected visitors who will attend and it is recommended to look for suitable locations as soon as possible. Meanwhile, for the event date, the ideal schedule is on a Saturday or Sunday that is between 2 to 4 weeks before the mother's due date or may be on the day where the maximum number of people to be invited is available. After the major decisions are finalized, it is now time to produce the invitation that should include the event's location, date, time, and the client's contact numbers. It must match the theme and should be sent 5 or 6 weeks before the event.

The third phase of the baby shower planning timeline is focused on the things needed in the party such as foods, decorations, activities, and gifts. The planner may prefer to give attention first to any of the said factors but it is better to start with the food menu because it usually holds the largest portion of the budget. For the food, whether the venue is at home or a restaurant, the planner should choose a buffet that matches the theme of the party and at the same time, should be healthy for the mother-to-be. When it comes to decorations, the balloons and streamers or other accessories should be relevant to the theme. Facilities like sound system, lights, and projector screen should be arranged properly in convenient locations.

There are many options for the activities during the party but the baby shower planning stage must feature a well-arranged itinerary of the program. As a suggestion, the party may start with a welcome period where guests may login to a creatively designed guestbook. Upon logging in, it is a good idea to provide them a welcome gift. Allowing the guests to mingle is also advisable where people in the party get the chance to greet and have a chat with each other. One good thing to be included in the activity is a slide show where pictures and videos related to the mother's pregnancy are compiled in a music video.

Also, it will be very nice for the baby shower party to have soft and lively music in the background. For the games, the planner should carefully choose those that are relevant in welcoming the baby and must be safe enough for the mom-to-be. Overall, baby shower planning is an important task that must be done carefully. It should make the party become a memorable event for the first-time mother.

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