Tips on buying presents for babies

Author: Laura

Baby fever, its definitely hit the UK. I say this because I've got to the age in my life where your friends turn from the pub-dwelling socialites to grown-up parents, so I've notice every single pregnant woman on the street, tube or bus. It's been a lovely transition, however I now have to throw my first baby shower.

I can't say that I know much about what happens at a baby shower party itself, but I do know a thing or two about present giving. Some people dread buying gifts for new parents and some people revel in it - I consider myself the latter so I thought I'd compile a few ideas to help.

I've chosen to get my friends a personalised baby gift for a number of reasons. Firstly because the little one will look utterly adorable in the sheepskin booties themselves, but secondly it works as a wonderful keepsake for the parents when baby grows out of them. Don't know the little one's name yet? No problem, I used the nickname the parents have given, or you could use something comic like Mini Sarah (mum's name).
A sterling silver or gold plated ornament is a traditional gift that's always warmly received. Commemorating the date and the baby's name on a spoon, rattle or cup is a beautiful keepsake that both parents and baby will enjoy as the years pass.

Clothes are a tricky choice - but get the right size and all would be fine. I would suggest getting a a size or two bigger so baby will have something to wear in the coming months and parents will have a ready prepared wardrobe. Baby grows are a classic purchase and something that the little one will use on a daily basis - meaning your gift will be thoroughly used.

I'm not a big fan of giving toys because I believe its a personal thing from a parent to a tot as you always remember your first toy. Saying that though, what kid doesn't like a bright new toy? Things have moved on from the standard teddy these days, so why not opt for something different like Anne-Claire Petit's range of handmade animal toys.

Failing these options, you could always get a great photo album or photo frame as there is sure to be plenty of pictures in baby's first year. Hopefully these suggestions will help you with your search for the best baby gifts.
Good luck!
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