How to make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower

Video tutorial on how to make a nappy cake:

Step by Step instructions to make nappy cake for your baby shower's center piece:

What you will need: 

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  • 16″ disposable cardboard platter 
  • Baby bottle or empty cardboard towel roll 
  • 8 feet of 1” wide ribbon 
  • Rubber bands of different sizes 
  • Clear adhesive tape 
  • 50-90 newborn disposable nappies (depending on the size and number of tiers you want to make)
  • Decorative baby items (bibs, socks, toys) 
  • Cake Topper (candy filled baby bottle or stuffed animal)

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  • Use a cardboard paper towel roll or a baby bottle to roll your disposable nappies
  • When rolling your nappies, have them opened lengthwise with tabs tucked in 
  • Secure your nappies with a rubber band so they stick together 
  • Fold and wrap a receiving blanket around each tier using tape to hold in place 
  • Use a ribbon to cover and hide the rubber band and as a decorative touch
  • Assemble your tiers on top of your cake platter, using adhesive tape 
  • Tuck your baby items in the ribbons as decorations 
  • Top your cake off with something fitting the theme of your party. Whether it be a small stuffed toy, a baby bottle or rattle.
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