Philips AVENT SCF710/00 Baby Weaning Spoons - Gift Basket Fillers

Philips AVENT SCF710/00 Baby Weaning Spoons

Philips AVENT SCF710/00 Baby Weaning SpoonsIf you are putting a baby shower gift basket together, It is a good idea to include in the gift something practical and useful for the Mum to use, such as the weaning spoons. When the time comes for baby to try solids, these weaning spoons will help make that transition very easy.
There are also many other baby feeding and baby care items that you can include in the gift basket with these spoons to form a whole range of goodies that will be really beneficial for the new Mum and her baby.

Getting to grips with solids takes a bit of TLC. The gentle tip on these spoons means that baby's soft gums are protected, and with long-reach handles, the spoons are perfect for grown-ups' hands. Plus, with an anti-slip grip, the spoon rests on the side of the bowl without sliding, leaving more food in the bowl. 

The spoons are BPA-free, and dishwasher-friendly.

Philips AVENT SCF710/00 Baby Weaning Spoons
Technical Details:
  • Long handles--perfect for an adult's hand and reaching into deep jars
  • Designed with a gentle tip, to protect baby's gums during the transition from milk to solids
  • Anti-slip grip allows the spoon to rest on the side of the bowl without sliding, leaving more food in the bowl
  • Colourful and fun--designed with a leading child psychologist and nutritionist
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA-free

Customer Reviews:

Since buying these spoons I have bought many other brands to compare, and these are by far the best spoons on the market. They are lovely and long (helps if you are feeding your baby from a mug or jar), have a really nice smooth tip that my baby loves, soft enough to not hurt tender gums, he loves to chew/gum it and when I let him it has held up beautifully - no little teeth marks!

They are the perfect width - if anyone has used the HIPP Organic ones I find them too wide for my baby boys mouth - these are infinitely better.

This is a 2-pack of spoons.

I wish they made these in more colours/animals! Originally the pictures on the end of the spoon put me off but they are cuter/less tacky in real life ;)

The best feature of all - (apart from being BPA free) - they don't stain. These are going to last a long time.

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