Organizing A Baby Shower with Pink and Brown

Style in Three Pink & Brown Baby Shower Invitations - Set of 20

Style in Three Pink & Brown Baby Shower Invitations

by Kate Ashley

Coordination is the key when planning any baby shower party. Your selection of colours, favors and accessories can really set the scene for an event that's both fun and unusual. One of the most popular color mixes for baby showers today is pink and brown or pink and chocolate.

Planning a pink and brown baby shower is a terrific way to begin to plan to commemorate the arrival of your new young girl. The colour pink is the standard colour illustrating the feminine graces of little girls. While brown or chocolate can represent something more adult or chic, making it a great colour to compare with the pink at a classily styled adult baby shower.
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Pink and Brown Baby Shower Decorations

Your pinks and chocolates can be mixed in swapping solids or combined in striped or polka dot designs. Repeating the patterns and colour throughout your shower will unify your shower's design. Some standard ways that you can use these classic colours include: on tableware, in favours and accessories, on wall and ceiling decorations, in your centerpiece, in your food and in your party wardrobe.

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One great way to highlight your color theme is to have your shower cake decorated with pink and chocolate frosting that matches your color patterns. And adding pink and brown favor boxes to your party table is a great final touch to any chicly designed baby shower. Your pink and brown theme is also a great excuse for adding candy to the party menu.

As a final detail, fill your table and favor boxes with chocolate and pink candies. You can also find baby shower favors to match your pink and brown baby shower design. Your party table will be the focal point of the room. Your guests will really like all of the pink and brown patterns, candies and favours waiting for them. Choosing pink and brown for your baby shower color theme is a great way to mix conventional and modern shower colors.

There are numerous unique baby shower favors, decorations, foods and gildings that may help any party planner create a surprising presentation. Find an easy pattern and continue it throughout the room and tables. Your guest will be thrilled about the the well coordinated and high end look of your party table. Kate Ashley is a party professional who has 9 years of experience in providing products and concepts for a baby shower.