Diaper Cake Ideas - Baby Shower Gifts

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Baby Diaper Cakes - Baby Shower Gifts

Diaper cakes can be used as the centerpiece for a baby shower or can be a very creative and beautiful gift for the new baby. Diaper cakes are usually made of disposable diapers but fabric diapers can also can be used to make a different style of nappy cake.  For something a bit different you could use blankets, baby bedding or towels instead of diapers to form the cake. A simple two-tier diaper cake can be made using a package of disposable diapers, rubber bands, some tapes and a selection of baby items that you would like to give to the new mum.  Baby toys and ribbons are used to decorate the cake.

To create something unique, find baby items that follow the theme that the new mum has created.  Try to find out before hand the theme of the nursery or the theme of the baby shower, this idea helps when buy all the items necessary for the diaper cake. Some ideas for great themes and the diaper cake decorations that go with them:

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There is so many wonderful diaper cake ideas in almost any baby item you desire.  If creativity is not quite for you, then you can browse online for amazing diaper cakes to order and that will be delivered to your door. Remember to choose a diaper cake that fits in with the theme of the baby shower or make sure that the toys and items match when placed together on the diaper cakes, this just allows the creative diaper cake to look complete and professionally finished.

If you want your diaper cake to last as a nursery decoration for awhile after the baby is born, use disposable diapers that are a size larger than newborn and attach baby toys that are appropriate for babies a few months and older. Newborns do a lot of things – sleep, eat, sleep – but they don’t necessarily need those toys right away.

Have fun creating your diaper cake gift or centrepiece!